Norwegian Clusters of expertise

Norwegian Fashion Hub is an “Arena” cluster and part of the Norwegian Clusters of expertise program financed and developed by Siva, Forskningsrådet and Innovation Norway. Founded in 2014, NFH work as a peer-to-peer industry cluster, facilitating cooperation between Norwegian textile and fashion brands in a large and complex business sector. NFH is an arena for exchanging knowledge, providing unison solutions, mutual promotion and education. 

The global fashion and textile industry is undergoing radical change. The industry faces challenges such as overproduction, utilization of natural resources, overuse of energy, poor working conditions and pollution. NFH view these challenges as opportunities for developing new and sustainable solutions and business models. Radical solutions that contribute to change, can only be developed if industry and partners collaborate. Collaboration is the answer to the challenges of our time, and necessary to alter the status quo and create new arenas for sustainable growth.




Target areas

NFH has two target areas: growth and profitability, and sustainability. We work towards these targets within three strategic areas: innovation and development, global market development and image building and positioning. 

Innovation and development. The cluster aims at increasing competitiveness of the fashion industry through skills building and facilitating innovation in the intersection between different industries and sectors. The cluster works to increase the access to capital for growth and development, and to promote professional and sustainable value chains in the industry. 

Access to global markets. Taking Norwegian Fashion abroad. Fashion is a global industry and market. Improving both the reputation and the strategic positioning of the industry by participating internationally is key. International networks create opportunities for showcasing Norwegian Fashion, which in turn can increase international presence and sales of Norwegian brands. 

Image building & positioning of the Norwegian fashion industry. NFH works towards building the Norwegian fashion industry´s reputation and position among stakeholders such as the press, the government and the populace. We especially work towards communication Norwegian fashion as sustainable and something reflecting Norwegian identity and way of life.    


The organization

Norwegian Fashion Hub is owned by it´s members and managed by Nye og Kloke Hoder AS. Linda Refvik serves as cluster leader, Elin Kathrine Saunes as manager together with Thomas Rosten as project manager and Gisle Mardal as head of innovation.

The board consists of cluster members and partners, the current members are:  
Chairman: Glenn Veiby - Blender Agency. Board members: Alexander Helle - Norwegian Rain, Pernille Siem - Lillelam, Siv So Hee Steinaa - OsloMet, Gisle Mariani Mardal - Abelia, Cathrine Dehli - Nordic Choice Hotels, Harald Lunde Helgesen - HaikW, Preben Karlsen - Trigger X, Mette Mari Brett Heyerdahl - Stokke, Gineline Kalleberg - It´s Kaos, Elisabeth Stray Pedersen - Lillunn/ ESP. Observer: Anne Cathrine Morseth - Innovation Norway and Joakim Marstrander - Deloitte.