Norwegian Fashion Hub


The official cluster for the Norwegian Fashion Industry.


Norwegian Fashion Hub is a driving force for building expertise and stimulating the development of the Norwegian fashion industry. The overall goal is to contribute towards a sustainable, value-creating and recognized fashion and textile industry in Norway.

Our members

NFH consists of 40 members. The cluster members are Norwegian textile producers and fashion brands. All NFH members are established brands with a structured value chain and are ready for internationalization. All members are elected by the cluster board. 

Our partners

NFH cooperate with partners in the private and public sector, research institutions, universities and colleges. In collaboration with our partners we work with innovative solutions, research, education for the Norwegian textile and fashion industry. 


Founded in 2014, NFH work as a peer-to-peer industry cluster, facilitating cooperation between Norwegian textile and fashion brands in a large and complex business sector. NFH is an arena for exchanging knowledge, providing unison solutions, mutual promotion and education.


NFH develops and facilitates short and long term projects within the cluster framework. The projects are always closely linked to NFHs main strategy. All projects are collaborative projects, based on member companies and partner’s common challenges.