SDA Bocconi

In collaboration with Innovation Norway Italy NFH offers a competence program specially designed for the Norwegian fashion industry at the world leading Fashion & Luxury knowledge Center at the Bocconi University in Milan. Throughout one semester, the selected companies attend seminars in Milan and Oslo, working on their business model and learning about scaling their business for international growth. 

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Norwegian Fashion Abroad

Access to global markets and positioning of Norwegian fashion is one of NFHs main target areas. A specific project, Norwegian Fashion Abroad, has been established to contribute toward this. The purpose of the project is to strengthen Norwegian fashion's position and competitiveness internationally, trough establishing networks, highlighting market opportunities and increase the industry´s knowledge of specific international markets. Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Innovation Norway's offices abroad as well as local involvement are crucial for success. 

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Innovation Express: MAKES

NFH is part of the Innovation Express project MAKES. The project is a collaboration between Manufacture Copenhagen, Lifestyle & Design Cluster in Denmark, Norwegian Fashion Hub and Swedish PROTEKO. Through the project, possibilities for textile production in the Nordic region are identified and highlighted. The purpose is to increase both contact and business between nordic brands and manufacturers.

Makes Catalogue

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Oslo Fashion & textile lab

NFH administrates the development of Oslo fashion & textile lab. The purpose of the lab is to help textile companies gain greater control over the development stage in their product cycle. Capacity building towards using new technology and digitalization are two key areas. The project group responsible for developing the lab includes Livid Jeans, Elisabeth Stray Pedersen, Days like this, Helly Hansen and Norrøna. The first phase of development is to mobilize the industry and establish a lasting foundation for the lab.

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Digital platform

With Tom Wood in the lead, NFH has developed a digital platform available for Norwegian fashion brands. The platform integrates all digital systems that the brands rely on. Through the platform digital administration of sales, logistics, procurement and more, becomes seamless and effective.

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Connecting the brands to the academic community as well as industry leaders helps the industry grow. Through a variety of educational courses, seminars, and collaboration with national and international experts, NFH works towards increasing the skills and knowledge for every brand. International trade, design, communication, IPR and how to structure and make use of data are key topics. 

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